Think Michigan Student Survey Findings

Keeping College Graduates in Michigan

In order to fuel Michigan’s continued economic growth, MCA has developed the Think Michigan campaign to connect students in personal and meaningful ways to Michigan’s future before they graduate and plan their lives elsewhere.

With the help of nationally-recognized market research firm Next Generation Consulting, MCA conducted a survey in early 2011 of nearly 4,000 students to capture their perceptions of the quality of life offered in Michigan and three metro areas: Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing.

The survey revealed a clear path for marketing Michigan to college students; among the more surprising results, the survey determined that:

  • Overall, Michigan has the potential to retain 89% of students originally from the state, but only 18% of current students actively promote the state to friends or family.
  • 89% of students value the earning opportunities in a potential location when deciding where to live, but only 11% agree that Michigan has broad enough job opportunities.
  • Of Michigan’s three major metropolitan areas – Detroit, Lansing and Grand Rapids – students feel the most positive about Grand Rapids.
  • Students value Cost of Lifestyle more than any other index, followed by Earning and Learning.

MCA intends to leverage the information gained from this study to create a targeted Michigan marketing effort at member colleges and universities, as part of the broader Think Michigan campaign.

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