Featured Scholarship Student

What Scholarship Has Meant To Me,

By Brianna Chrenko, Student at Siena Heights University. 

When a high school senior starts to narrow down his or her colleges of choice the first thing he or she explores is the school itself. Does it have athletics, an art or theater program, the right academic and/or religious focus, and what activities are provided for a student to be involved in? The first thing mom and dad look at is the price tag. All over the United States admission representatives and financial aid staff work hard to make an affordable education for prospective students. Unfortunately state money only goes so far. When I first made the decision to look into Siena Heights University the price tag was a huge issue. After previous discussions with my parents I knew that the balance after my financial aid awards were applied was my responsibility, and as an 18 year old, no matter how appealing a school may seem to be, at the end of the day money, for most, is the deciding factor. Therefore, Siena Heights was removed from my vocabulary.

Weeks later, I had done everything but send a check in to an out of state school when I received a call from an office assistant at Siena. They asked me to come in and see if we could try to figure out a financial aid package that would suit my needs. I agreed and soon traveled to the city of Adrian where I learned I was not alone. At Siena Heights 95% of students enrolled are on some type of financial aid support or scholarship. As I sat with a staff member in the financial aid office we looked over every scholarship Siena had to offer. One by one we went through them to see if I was eligible to apply. The staff understood my needs and it was only a matter of finding a source for the funding. By the end of the day, I had been overloaded with paperwork on various scholarships and information on awards available by not only the school but outside sources as well.

Now, four years later I am going into my senior year at Siena Heights. I cannot believe that I was a plane ticket away from going to another school. I have been provided with the opportunity to play two sports at Siena, be a part of multiple clubs and organizations, and above all have an irreplaceable journey with professors, staff, and lifelong friends that care about me personally. I can honestly say that without scholarships I would have never been able to have the life changing experience I have had at Siena Heights University. It is hard when you receive anonymous money from gracious donors because you do not know who to thank for changing your life, but to all and any who have ever supported college scholarships thank you because it made the difference for me.

"I can honestly say that without scholarships I would have never been able to have the life changing experience I have had at Siena Heights University."