A Great Education…An Affordable Price


Did you know that the amount you pay at a private college could be less than what you’d pay at a public institution?

Since 1949, MCA has raised nearly $70 million in scholarship and operations support from individual and business donors who are passionate about our schools. Thanks to these donors, we’ve been able to provide nearly 5,000 scholarships to help students and families with the cost of a college education. And we’d like to help you, too.

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“JSJ and its charitable arm, the JSJ Foundation, have been long-time supporters of higher education.  Michigan Colleges Foundation provides us an efficient way to broaden our support to 14 private liberal arts colleges that afford students the opportunity to work closely with faculty and do independent study.  These institutions are particularly well positioned to develop individuals who can think critically and be leaders in an increasingly challenging and complex world.”
Lynn Sherwood
Chairman of the Board JSJ Corporation