Concierge Strategy for Recruitment

Connecting MCA Graduates with Michigan Employers

MCA is actively working to retain our talented college graduates so that together we can transform Michigan’s economy.

To that end, MCA plays a critical role in connecting our students and our state’s employers and engaging them in meaningful discussions – both to inform students of the hiring needs and openings of Michigan businesses, and to educate Michigan businesses on the skilled and talented graduates MCF institutions produce.

The MCA Concierge Career Connection provides VIP access and selection support for potential full-time employees, interns, and project teams in areas of immediate need to our corporate partners. With its 63 year consortia relationship with its member institutions, MCA is uniquely capable of identifying and engaging talent, often working directly with faculty who teach and mentor students, for the benefit of Michigan companies. MCA provides “just in time” access to a network of some of Michigan’s most astute and career-ready students and graduates.

The MCA Concierge Career Connection is an exclusive, one-stop recruiting link to 15 excellent Michigan four-year colleges and universities that offers a wide range of talent development benefits, including:

  • Personally-matched prospect credentials (baccalaureate and graduate)
  • Personalized recruiting coordination and dedicated campus liaison
  • Pre-arranged and conveniently scheduled interviews
  • Project team design and faculty facilitation
  • Customized on-site career fairs for current and anticipated needs
  • Exclusive in-service training programs for employees

To learn more about the Concierge Career Connection, visit the additional links in the navigation on the left or call MCA at 248.356.3114.

“More than 100 graduates of MCF colleges and universities are currently employed by the Whirlpool Corporation.  Without question, people who come into our organization armed with a strong liberal arts education are well-prepared to translate both their skills and experience into the “real-life” work environment – and this ability is an undeniable asset.”
Jeff T. Beavers
Director, Global University Relations, Whirlpool Corporation