"Think Michigan" Millennial Marketing Campaign

Promoting Michigan’s Urban Hubs to Students throughout the State

MCA is grateful for the seed funding from the Charter One Foundation to support the creation of a state-wide Michigan “quality of life” marketing campaign designed to encourage Michigan college students to remain in Michigan after graduation. The program is specifically timed to target these students in the critical time period before they make their decision to live elsewhere.

To implement the program, MCA has joined forces with Next Generation Consulting, a nationally recognized market research firm specifically focused on young talent engagement and retention, and After 5 Detroit, an online hub that connects Detroit’s young professionals to the events around Detroit. Our goal is to promote Michigan’s urban centers and the quality of life available to college students throughout the state.

Michigan’s economic revival will require the best and brightest talent in the state. But with more than two-thirds of recent graduates stating that they first decided where to live before searching for a job (according to a Michigan Future, Inc. study), improving the perceptions college students hold about living and working in Michigan will be critical to this mission. The Think Michigan marketing initiative will encourage students to give Detroit, Grand Rapids or Lansing – and our state in general – another look, to retain a population powerfully critical to Michigan’s future.

Phase I:  Best practice benchmarking; market research and campaign design. Best practices from other cities, students’ media preferences and existing perceptions, and opportunities for collaboration will be identified to create a plan detailing how to best reach college students and communicate the quality of life available in Michigan.

For the full report of the student survey findings, click here.

Phase II:  Beta implementation. The beta implementation stage will allow for a “test run” of the multi-media campaign, which will include website, social media strategies, web videos, etc. Students will test key tactics and messaging/positioning strategies, to determine the most effective campaign to implement statewide.

Phase III:  Evaluation and refinement of the marketing campaign. Students will evaluate the beta implementation, identify the campaign’s strengths and areas for improvement, and refine the plan based on the evaluation input.

Phase IV:  Statewide implementation of the marketing campaign. The refined marketing campaign will be implemented, along with metrics and goals to ensure quality, in all of MCF's colleges and universities.

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