MCF’s Concierge Career Connection program was tremendously valuable for Spectrum Health. The program provided our hiring managers with the opportunity to get to know the candidates on a deeper level and showcase our facilities and people. That is something large career fairs just can’t accomplish.  I personally met many of the intern and employment candidates during the event, and these students truly were exceptional!  We are already planning the next one!

Jane M Gietzen
Director, Information Services, Spectrum Health

More than 100 graduates of MCF colleges and universities are currently employed by the Whirlpool Corporation.  Without question, people who come into our organization armed with a strong liberal arts education are well-prepared to translate both their skills and experience into the “real-life” work environment – and this ability is an undeniable asset.

Jeff T. Beavers
Director, Global University Relations, Whirlpool Corporation

The real beauty of this program, outside of the extraordinary environmental work, is the opportunity for UPA students to work alongside and interact with college students and professors in such a meaningful way and the mentoring that goes on. After participating in something like this, how the students view their future is expanded –from the colleges they consider to the career possibilities they choose to pursue.

Bob Thompson
The Thompson Foundation

I equate a sound liberal arts education with success in the workplace.  Teamwork and collaboration, which I view as the two essential tenets of a positive work environment, are skills I first learned on a small college campus.  As a graduate of Aquinas College, my own experience has taught me that one never stops learning – but the foundation a MCF college gives you is knowing how to ask the right questions, and how to turn the answers into opportunities.

Denise Christy
President Humana Michigan and Indiana

JSJ and its charitable arm, the JSJ Foundation, have been long-time supporters of higher education.  Michigan Colleges Foundation provides us an efficient way to broaden our support to 14 private liberal arts colleges that afford students the opportunity to work closely with faculty and do independent study.  These institutions are particularly well positioned to develop individuals who can think critically and be leaders in an increasingly challenging and complex world.

Lynn Sherwood
Chairman of the Board JSJ Corporation

Supporting the Michigan Colleges Foundation (MCF) is an investment in the future of our communities, our state and our nation.  Young people can greatly improve their chances for success through a liberal arts education and the fourteen Michigan institutions supported by MCF expose their students to values that will encourage them to work for a more just and peaceful world.  A contribution to MCF is a winning combination for everyone.

James B. Nicholson
President and CEO PVS Chemicals